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"But money was never the driving force," Gilchrist said."I honestly don't know the finances, and quite honestly, I don't care.'' Five of the siblings still live in Yonkers.One day in the late 1970s, his mother summoned him from a playground baseball game to tell him she had received a call from a concerned friend who said, through tears, "I'm so sorry to hear about your son." So it goes at the center of a pop culture artifact -- a Life cereal spot that lived for more than a decade and starred Gilchrist, known in the ad as "Mikey," and his two real-life brothers, Tommy and Mike. "Mikey" had no lines at all, and yet 41 years after shooting the commercial in October 1971 -- his third in a career that eventually would include about 250 -- he found himself still talking about it over lunch Tuesday.You surely remember it if you are over 40, and you surely know of it if you grew up in a family with a fussy eater, meaning a grown-up at some point said, "Mikey likes it! When little Mikey, who usually "hates everything," starts to eat the cereal, his older brother says, "He likes it! (He ordered a healthy salad and iced tea.) "It's who I am, but it's only a part of who I am; I have a lot of great things in my life," he said of his willingness to discuss something he did when he was 3 1/2 and doesn't clearly remember doing.

Nevertheless, among kids, wild stories about the perils of eating Pop Rocks abounded.Earlier this week, Curren$y announced that he had signed Mikey Rocks to his Jet Life Recordings imprint.Speaking with Ashley Outrageous, Sir Michael Rocks explained why he decided to ink a solo deal with the label and explained that his friendship with Spitta runs deep.“It’s kind of the best fit for what I’m doing right now.I kinda can identify with everything they got going on, and it’s kind of like the best fit for what I’m doing.

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