Sonos updating music index

Posted by / 09-Dec-2017 12:54

I keep snapshots of my initial installation, for example. I’m also a big fan of Sonos, a whole-home music solution that works amazingly well.What Sonos has done exceedingly well is blend quality hardware, quality software, and reasonable (but not cheap) price points.I have an extensive music collection, and I point Sonos to a share on my WHS box to index and stream music.

Upon adding the folder to my Sonos controller on the PC I have a "Updating Music Library - Please Wait" message.

Please remove unused queues or saved playlists and try again." There are no playlists loaded and I haven't even begun playing anything through the speakers so there are no queues, either.

I haven't added any other music services - my only intention for the speakers right now is to stream music from my i Tunes library (all locally stored on an external hard drive; not NAS).

I do not mind clearing out the library and re-adding it if I know it will work, but I cannot seem to do that.

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