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Then at the end, they choose who they liked the most and why.

Give each pair a few minutes to chat, and then shout “change”.

With engagement from over 2000 diverse innovators, across 25 states in the country, Shrikant Sinha, CEO, Nasscom Foundation and Dr.

Meenu Bhambhani, Vice President & Head - Corporate Social Responsibility, Mphasis, throw some light on how NSIF as a platform has collectively built one of the strongest ecosystems to encourage tech aided development in the country.

Teams are not cocktail parties: don’t invite everyone.

When building a team, business leaders often fall into two traps: they make the team too big and too homogenous.

, appointed receivers to Mr Oswal's Pilbara ammonia empire.

PPB Advisory has been charged by ANZ to sell Burrup Fertilisers to the highest bidder, with the bank thought to be trying to recoup up to 0 million owed by Burrup Fertilisers and Mr Oswal's family.

In team sports, you hear a lot about the importance of team chemistry—that innate understanding that leads to the no-look pass or the intuitive hit-and-run.

In fact, leaders agonize over fostering teams that work well together and deliver smart solutions time and time again—the kind of teams that, in Leigh Thompson’s words, “go through the various storms, the successes, the failures, and keep coming out alive.”The only problem?

Many of the strategies leaders have adopted to improve teamwork, while well-intentioned, are not all that effective.

Through both for profit and not for profit models, individuals are leveraging the multiplying power of technology to create innovative solutions to some of the most pressing social problems.

It is this new wave of technology led development that the Nasscom Social Innovation Forum (NSIF) hopes to embody.

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Given the diverse social, economic and political demographic of India, the country is host to a plethora of social problems.