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Invalidating patent

While the minimum acceptable date of prior art is a date preceding the filing date of the patent application which became the patent being challenged, it is preferable to seek prior art with a date more than one year earlier than the filing date of such application.

authorize IPR petitioners to challenge a patent for lack of written description or indefiniteness under § 112. 318(a) says the Board can issue a final written decision with respect to the patentability.

You cannot have a two way dialogue with the examiner.

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Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit decided that a defendant trying to prove a patent invalid must do so by a higher standard than normal civil cases, that of "clear and convincing" evidence.

These patents are the most lucrative successful patents.

The US patent office has become A PATENT DESTROYING MACHINE. Patent attorneys are not going to tell you this because then you won't hire them.

Silverman In considering whether a specific product, apparatus, method or composition of matter may violate a United States patent, primary attention is directed toward the issues of infringement and validity.

If you don't recall, the lawsuit focuses on a single key issue: In court, parties have to prove their case by some "standard of proof." In almost all civil cases, the standard is "preponderance of the evidence" -- meaning it is more likely than not that the facts are true.

SAN DIEGO--It's been very clear for a long time that the American patent system is deeply flawed.

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if we can’t figure out what a claim is, you know, I think that gives us the authority to enter [a] patentability determination with respect to the claim[.] .