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Micromeretics and Powder Rheology: Particle size and distribution, average particle size, number and weight distribution, particle number, methods for determining particle volume, methods of determining particle size- optical microscopy, sieving, sedimentation; measurements of particle shape, specific surface area; methods for determining surface area; permeability, adsorption, derived properties of powders, porosity, packing arrangement, densities, bulkiness & flow properties.

Surface and Interfacial Phenomenon: Liquid interface, surface and interfacial tensions, surface free energy, measurement of surface and interfacial tensions, spreading coefficient, adsorption at liquid interfaces, surface active agents, HLB classification, solubilization, detergency, adsorption at solid interfaces, solid-gas and solid-liquid interfaces, complex films, electrical properties of interface.

Another option is lavender oil which mossies hate and has the happy side effect of being very good for your skin. You need to take it for a couple of weeks before you go.

Before I went to Kenya and Tanzania I heard that if you ate tons of marmite, the mossies would leave you alone. I do not have shares in marmite, and I'm quite sure the supermarket own brands would work just as well.

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Recently I have also heard that high-strength cod liver oil is a useful deterrent, but can't pass comment on it myself.

I tested it in a swamp in Winnipeg and after 20 minutes had been bitten very accurately in areas I had not treated. Underlying microbiome and gastrointestinal problems such as leaky gut syndrome, SIBO, and candida overgrowth can be linked to just about every modern health problem.From weight gain and fatigue to anxiety and depression to autoimmune conditions and cancer, there are consequences of having an unhealthy gut.Introduction to Physical pharmacy; Matter, Properties of Matter: State of matter, change in the state of matter, latent heats and vapor pressure, sublimation-critical point, Eutectic mixtures, gases, aerosols-inhalers, relative humidity, liquid.complexes, liquid crystals, glassy state, solids- crystalline, amorphous and polymorphism.

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First of all, the surface area of your gut is around 300 square meters, which is the size of a house!