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A prosthetic limb and bike pedal that allows amputee cyclists to experience a full range of motion has been named as the U. Cadence is a concept by Art Center College of Design student Seth Astle, who wanted to focus on helping below-the-knee amputees.

Interestingly, for the second year in a row, the winning design is bike-related–last year’s finalist was the Copenhagen Wheel.

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Kaitlyn Dobrow's prosthetic arm, covered in a Cheetah print, inspired her online Halloween makeup tutorial where she paints her face in Cheetah spots and stares fiercely into the camera.

The video became a sensation on social media with many viewers wanting to know more about 22-year-old Dobrow, who does all her own filming and editing.

Brian began to discuss prosthetic options with Cornerstone that could help him when skiing and getting back to cycling, particularly being able to stand and pedaling out of the saddle.

Without blood reaching her skin and soft tissues, Dobrow suffered the equivalent of third-degree burns. In all, Dobrow underwent 22 surgeries and spent six months in intensive care. Only days after coming home from the hospital, before she had any prosthetics, Dobrown did a neighbour girl's makeup for homecoming using an adaptive tool attached to her right stump.

When she attended occupational therapy, she practiced picking up a makeup brush and tube of mascara.

Recovering her dexterity has taken countless hours of practice as Dobrow learned to lift the 4-pound arm prosthesis with her shoulder while firing her triceps and biceps at different speeds to open and close the attached hook."That was the No.1 thing she wanted to be able to do in therapy, as opposed to eating," says her mum, Kathi Dobrow. She's never taken classes or anything and she just loves makeup."Dobrow rarely uses foundation to cover the scars left by her illness.

She says the pink blotchy scars on her face look cool and show that she's a warrior.

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