Diet education shopping music dating

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Diet education shopping music dating

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Watching a parent date or even remarry can be confusing and scary, and it can even feel very lonely.

And then what happens after the remarriage, when there is a new stepparent?

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Piper’s sense of betrayal and loss is so truthful you can’t help but relate, and her unique voice makes this book hard to put down. But things become particularly hard for her when she receives the simultaneous news that her dad’s new wife is expecting a baby and that her mom plans to marry her boyfriend.

Fizzy feels hurt and alone—maybe even like she’s a leftover from a marriage everyone would like to forget—but she has to keep it all inside in order to appear completely fine.

It’s a hard, big question, so we’ve compiled 5 middle grade books about parents dating and remarrying to help kids adjust to a big change, and maybe feel just a little less alone.

, by Dianna Dorisi Winget Piper Lee’s mom is getting remarried four years after her father’s plane disappeared over the Atlantic, and Piper isn’t exactly happy about the change.

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