Boffin dating

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Boffin dating

Sat in the bunch astride a vintage bike is Brian Reid, resplendent in plus-fours, complete with leather saddlebag.It’s all rather fitting for a bike club that celebrated its 125th anniversary last year.“It’s exhausting to be right all the time,” the Know-it-all will tell you as he swirls his drink around his glass. If I see an error, I have to correct it.” You may find this charming at first. “He’s so clever,” you’ll gush to your slack-jawed friends. Whether it’s the eternally arousing question of whether to use ‘less’ or ‘fewer’ or a seemingly irrelevant factlet about the Spice Girls, your little boffin likes to be the one doing the correcting., remember,” much more often than “I love you” and there’s no room for an upstart like you wading in with your addenda.You revel in your new role as Marilyn Monroe to his Olivier, drinking in his fun facts, grammatical corrections and recommendations like lattes. Day after day come the Twitter-storms – his inability to keep his nose out and his talent for getting a bee in his knickers about the most stupid of things meaning he has little time for anything that doesn’t involve putting the world to rights via his long-suffering keyboard. Don’t fuck somebody who can’t admit when they’re wrong.

It’s a rather nostalgic scene, recalling a club run from a bygone era.

"Some of my colleagues were concerned that this award would mean people would not take them seriously, but that's not the case at all.

Now a space boffin has suggested huge extraterrestrial constructions could be relatively easy to spot, so long as we look in the right place using the correct tools.

In 2016, one expert suggested the unexplained “winking” behaviour of a far-off sun called Tabby’s Star may have been caused by the rotation of a gigantic craft called a Dyson’s Sphere.

These theoretical “megastructures” were dreamed up in the 1960s, when Freeman Dyson and Nikolai Kardashev suggested an advanced civilisation would inevitably seek to build a huge structure around a star to harvest its massive power.

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